Resolving Your Case By Trial

A Practical, but Prepared, Approach

At Blevans & Blevans, LLP we pride ourselves on resolving the vast majority of cases through out-of-court settlement, using mediators, settlement conference panelists, or simply through negotiations directly with the other side’s attorney. The fact is most family law matters should settle. However, some are incapable of settlement either because one party is taking an untenable position, or because the parties are righteous in their dispute. Those cases get resolved by trial.

Trial: When Experience Is Your Greatest Ally

When it comes to trying a case, not all family law attorneys are created equally. Often times, family law attorneys' “courtroom experience” is limited to 20-minute hearings, with no live witness testimony, cross-examination, or presentation of experts. Few have significant experience, much less training, in the art and science of trial practice.

At Blevans & Blevans, LLP our attorneys have extensive trial experience, in cases ranging from days to weeks in length. We are nationally recognized for the effectiveness of our trial advocacy, with such accolades as being a Diplomat of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers (an organization limited to the top 100 family law trial lawyers in the country), and serving as faculty at the nationally renowned National Family Law Trial Institute in Houston.

In addition to our recognized experience, our attorneys are dedicated to studying and honing their skills at trial practice through attendance at prestigious trial practicum, including the Trial Practicum of the Northern California Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and the National Family Law Institute, studying not only trial practice, but also trial techniques focused on business valuation and litigation involving forensic custody experts.

Our Experience Protects Your Chances of Settlement

Many trial lawyers ponder the question of how attorneys who try few cases can effectively settle a case. This is because, without an ingrained understanding of how the procedural and evidentiary elements of a trial orchestrate, analyzing potential outcomes and litigation risk becomes a guessing game. Our extensive experience allows us to advise clients on the likely results of trial, allowing you to make an informed decision that takes into account probable outcomes, the costs of litigation, and your personal needs.

Trial Team for Other Counsel

One aspect of our family law trial practice is being called upon by other attorneys to assist with, or completely take over, a case as it nears trial. If you and your current counsel are seeking the assistance of an experienced trial team, Blevans & Blevans, LLP attorneys can help.

In these circumstances, our attorneys assist in the broad range of trial-related preparations, including conducting risk analysis, putting together litigation themes, motions relating to the conduct of trial, and examining witnesses (including expert witnesses), or conducting the entire trial. Our depth and experience can add substantial value to you and your counsel, helping to protect your desired outcome.

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