Complex Business Issues in Divorce

When Experience Truly Matters

Blevans & Blevans, LLP specializes in matters that go beyond the basics of family law. In addition to our core family law practice, we routinely handle a wide variety of complex business divorce issues for clients throughout the Bay Area. Our location in the heart of Northern California means that we frequently work with clients who are navigating an array of financial concerns related to business ownership, startup valuation, real estate holdings and development, private equity, vineyard and winery operations, professional practices, and more.

The types of complex family law matters we routinely handle include:

  • Determination of business income available for support;
  • Equity compensation issues in property characterization and income determination;
  • Child support implications for extraordinarily high-income earners;
  • Apportioning community interests in an otherwise separate property business;
  • Allocation and division of complex business interests; and
  • Valuation of privately held businesses and alternative investments.

What is Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce in California is when both parties agree on all family law issues relevant to their situation, such as property division, debt division, child custody, and child support. Everything must be settled in an uncontested divorce.

If you're going through an uncontested divorce and you have some complex business issues to figure out, you'll need to talk to a lawyer. For example, if you and your spouse own a business together, you'll need to figure out how to divide the business assets and how much child support will be paid.

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